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So Thankful

Winsted Nursing Care Service

Truly beyond grateful

We cannot thank Winsted Nursing Care enough for the wonderful care you have given to both of our parents. When our mother went into home hospice care last December, she required additional help with her needs. Your company provided all the help she needed to keep her as comfortable as possible, right up until the moment she passed.

When our father was no longer able to function independently earlier this year, you were there for us as well. You enabled him to stay at home and keep some of his independence.

Whenever we needed your help, you were always there. Sometimes with very short notice. We can't thank you enough. We are truly beyond grateful. We would definitely recommend your services to any family in a similar situation.

With Much Appreciation,
Gina C. and Lisa S.


Quick and effective response

Thanks, Sharon. I'll put a check in tomorrow's mail.

"I wanted to thank you and Darlene and your very able employees for such quick and effective response to my request. Being a healthcare-responsible child who lives at some distance from my dad, it can be challenging to respond to his needs while caring for my own family and working. Winsted Nursing made it easy to respond to an immediate and challenging health circumstance and gave me great peace of mind."

I will gladly recommend you to others with similar needs!


extremely fortunate

To whom it may concern:

Finding someone to care for an elderly parent is a difficult task. In my case, my sister and I live three hours away from my mother. We try to do as much for her as we could, but it was difficult to manage my mother’s care from a distance. Nursing home care could have been an option for my mother but she had a strong preference for living the rest of her life at home.

Judith Scott work with my mother as a live-in health care aid from May 2016 until my mother's death in September 2016. I give my highest recommendation to Judith for any kind of home health care aid position that she would apply for.

My mother was a rather demanding person who would only tolerate things done in a specific ways. Judith's easy-going and accommodating attitude kept those kinds of conflict to a minimum, even when my mother’s requests were unreasonable or impossible. She was always there to help my mother with any request, be it routine care or a calming her down after waking up from her continuing night terrors.

Judith is also extremely well organized and has great attention to detail. As my mother got older, routine housekeeping tasks became more and more difficult. While we tried to keep the house in order before Judith came on board, we found that we just couldn't keep up. Within a week of her arrival, the household was back in shape and things in their proper places. Clean laundry was put away and the kitchen wasn't in constant disarray. Grocery list were always carefully prepared and ready for me when I came to visit.

After watching Judith work for a couple of weeks, you can appreciate her depth of experience with the elderly at different end of life stages. She was always there to help, whether it was making sure that the grandchildren didn't dump their grandmother out of the wheelchair on a walk around the block or assisting the visiting nurses with their procedures. Judith constantly pitched in where other aids would have kept out of the situation. She was a great asset on doctor’s visits because she could explain exactly what was happening with my mother. Also the daily notes that Judy took were an invaluable record documenting my mother's condition. She is also familiar with most of the equipment that comes along with the elder care including oxygen systems, CPAP equipment, hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs and lifts and anything else that is required for day-to-day care.

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have been able to have a Judith be my mother’s live in aid. Please feel free to contact me for more information or to answer further questions.


Bill K., Lakeville, MA


Many Blessings

Darlene, paul, Sharon and staff:

At the time of Dad's passing, we would like to express our appreciation and complete satisfaction with the home care he received from WNC.

Dad's steadfast wish to remain at home during his struggle with cancer could not have been achieved without WNC's service -- especially the caring spirit with which heather and April served him at home. In particular, heather was able to establish a friendly bond that he cherished (to the point that he seemed to prefer her morning visits ahead of mine ;-). I have no doubt that dad lived longer and more at peace during his final months because of the way your caregivers served him.

from my standpoint, Heather and April were most helpful to provide me with regular feedback, extensive daily notes and taking care of extras while I tried to manage this from a distance. I am grateful to them, not only for caring for him, but also responding to my direction. Also, I can't thank Paul and the staff enough for providing guidance and speedy information when I had questions -- my gratitude to all those at WNC for helping our family through his illness.

many blessings,
Gary Nielson


My Gratitude To All

Darlene It is not in my nature to write thank you notes to companies. However it is my pleasure to do it today for the first time. I would like to thank Winsted Nursing care for doing more than looking after my Uncle Jim. In the contract there are a certain number of tasks and services which are described but which do not reflect the kindness and involvement of Darlene’s team. Darlene does a great job at choosing her staff and at being flexible for finding the right person even at the last minute. The ladies are helping with grace, making everything they can to comfort physically and emotionally. With them, Uncle Jim had the feeling he was keeping his dignity and his privacy. Unfortunately Uncle Jim passed away in February; however his last months were definitely enlightened by all these ladies. I would like to express my gratitude to all: Kelli, Julia, Francene, Lauren, Sheila, Gina, Debbie, Heather, Ronica, Julia, Kathryn, and Melody. I really hope I did not forget anyone.

Thank you again Christophe Pichard

P.S. Darlene please give my cell phone number to anyone who would like to discuss more.


Uplifting, wonderful.

When I needed someone to care for my husband, I was told by Winsted Nursing that they had someone special for us. I can't imagine they knew how well they spoke. The aide they sent became a part of our family and I feel I owe to her superb care and her beautiful spirit much of the peace and comfort of my husband's last months. I want to thank Winsted Nursing Care for their help in arranging live-in services for my parents. I was impressed not only with the caliber of the individuals that you identified for us -- and especially with the person who ended up caring for my parents, but also with your overall service. ...extremely helpful and supportive of the caregiver. How can you improve upon perfection? Our aide is a magnificent caregiver. Always came in with a smile. Uplifting, wonderful. ...everyone loved her.


wonderful caregiver

Winsted Nursing Care Service

Dear Darlene

So Grateful


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